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When I was a student at Teacher Training College during the sixties, we were sent out on teaching practice in the various surrounding schools. One of the most important things our Tutors looked for was our -Lesson Plans- A successful lesson needed proper planning.

I do not recall if I was ever taught strategically -how to learn the Dictionary- Nor can I recall ever teaching it. Our method for enhancing the vocabulary was mainly by reading and conversation. Word stitch will be used as a tool to grow the vocabulary by learning the dictionary.

Have you ever tried reading the dictionary from cover to cover as you would read a book? I know I never thought of it until Word Stitch.

The plan is to select reading and studying the words according to word beginning with the letters in the alphabet; we are going to start with the 4 letters with the least number of words in the dictionary, namely Q. X.Y. Z.

Practice makes Perfect

To be good at any sport, you have to practice and train regularly, you can’t expect to win the hundred meters by just walking on to the track and running, neither can you expect to shoot 40 points in a basket ball game unless you have prepared yourself properly, the same goes for sports, cricket, golf, baseball, rugby tennis, hockey or any sport.

Imagine you are preparing for the Word Stitch championship; the next series of lessons will help prepare you for the championship.

We are going to learn the words in the dictionary beginning with Q. X. Y. Z. There are not many words, but some of the words may be words you have never used in a conversation, now is the time to start learning the dictionary.

Take one letter at a time and read all the words listed in the dictionary beginning with that letter; you should read out load every word for the first time, then read them again silently at least 3 more times unless you have a photographic memory, and perhaps more than 3 times if you think you have a poor memory.

Take special note of proper nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives.write down the words that are entirely new to you, writing them down is another way of recording them in your memory.

Word Game

1. Create as many  many 3 word sentences or headlines using the letters Q. Q. Q

Q. Q. Q.   (Queen quibbles quietly)

X. X. X.

Y. Y. Y.

Z. Z. Z.

2. Create as many  4-word sentences and headlines using the letters Q. X. Y. Z. in that order.

3. Create as  many 4-word sentences and headlines using the letters Y. Q. X. Z. in any order.

Example Q. Z. X.Y. or Y.Q.Z. X. etc.

When you have properly trained yourself, challenge a friend or colleague to a game, the person with the highest number f sentence wins the game.

More than likely if you have trained yourself properly, you would have emerged the winner.

Fair Game

Share the training strategy with your playing partner, when he or she has completed the training process, challenge them to a fair game. May the best man win.

Brain Exercise

Creativity Test 074- numbers

Copyright 2019 Courtney Devonish

When I am not creating these exercises I am carving wood


  1. Wow! This is a great and fun way to learn.

    This is what I will be doing from now as game with my family and friends. I hope by the end the year we can do at least 5 letters, like a, b, c, d and e.  

    And I think it can be a good way to learn a new language too, right?



    1. Happy to hear, I have started with the least words both in numbers and use in conversations. C is a lot of words. Take the build up approach, but if you feel comfortable with your choice, go for it. Thank you for accepting the challenge. .


  2. Hi l just read your post and l really enjoyed it. Personally I don’t know anyone who can say they read the whole dictionary. I believe this game can teach a lot of people and they can have fun doing it. My website is all about it is never to late to start learning something new. Keep up the good work,I liked it.


    1. Thank you John, It did occur to me that i had never looked at the dictionary this way until designing word stitch. It works, because I practice what I preach. have fun.learn away.


  3. Hello Courtney,
    Nice post I use to say this game with my children when they were just learning how to read ,spell. This is a fun game and a great learning tool for any age. Helps keep the brain active , spelling on its game.


    1. Thank you, I hope the entire family can have fun and learn at the same time; one will learn faster. Best wishes.


  4. Thank you again buzzbrain exercises for give us a new training for learning new vocabulary, this technique it work for native and foreigners of a specific language, sure I like this method. And I will already tryed some method  even if  I’m poor memory but I think this it help me to learning new language 


    1. The exercise is based on the english alphabet, just apply it to your alphabet and you can play using your own language. Thanks for visiting, send me your alphabet and I will post one for your language. Best wishes


  5. Quality Xanax yields Zen.  Interesting, imaginative, innovative, informative; I’m instantly intrigued. This is fun. I guess I cheated with the contraction. Could I get a ruling  from the judges?  I have seen and commented on dozens of blogs now. This is the first one I might actually forward to my friends.

    This game might also be useful for advanced ESL classes. It might even be useful in more elementary classes with a highly structured lesson plan. Learning English words by looking them up in an English dictionary rather than an English/Other language translation book is an important transitional phase in learning English. This game could help with that too.

    Delightful Dr. Devonish: definitely doable. 


    1. Headlines are ok, sounds a little creative, who or what is Xanax? Zero might work depending. The words should be in the dictionary. lots of possibilities in most languages. Keep going. Do the home work first. Have fun.


  6. I love word games! I will give it a try, but with an ulterior motive. My family plays the “Dictionary Game” whenever we get together for holidays. One person finds a really obscure word in the dictionary, and writes the real definition down. They read aloud just the word (NOT the definition!)  to everyone else, who all write down what they think the definition might be. If the word finder fools everyone, and nobody guesses the real definition, they win the round. If I had worked on the real definitions with your Word Stitch game, I’d have a serious advantage!


    1. Definitely, following the process of reading the words as you would read a book would give you a great advantage, Try the first exercise and then play a game with the family. Have fun. Thanks for the visit.


  7. What a fun way of learning. Great way to widen your vocabulary with new words and exercise the brain. I must admit I do love words and their meanings, just remembering them as you get older is good. 

    Must be a more interesting way for those learning the language too.

    Its fun also to try and get new words you’ve learnt into a conversation. 


    1. The process is a great way of learning words we do not normally use in every day conversations.Continue to enjoy. Thank you and Best wishes.


  8. As a person who loves words and any challenge with words, I find this interesting and I am taking up the Challenge and I am sure it will improve my winnings in crossword puzzles, scrabble and the many word games I like. I also believe it is a good exercise to try to expand one’s vocabulary. Thank you 


    1. I am happy you have found the exercise interesting. You seem to be a professional at word games. I am positive if you follow the learning exercises; your winnings will certainly increase. Good luck.


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