Maximum Wage Law For All

A Maximum Wage Is Essential For The Good Of Mankind

The world’s Technology is changing rapidly without thought of its impact on mankind.

Manufacturing plants are employing fewer people and installing more automatic production equipment.

We are developing self driven electric vehicles which could cause many drivers to join the unemployment lines.

Call centers around the world are causing locals to lose jobs

Even the banks and related business are automating their services. I refuse to learn how to use an ATM

I will not use a self-service gas station if there is one with service available.

We are sopping online putting pressure on brick and mortar businesses and causing loss of jobs.

All the developments are going on, yet we refuse to change our views about socialism and welfare in light of some countries having to experiment with a mandatory minimum wage.

The rampant inequalities around the world has highlighted the weaknesses in our capitalist system.

Money is now one of the world’s most troubling diseases; Greed and corruption are now prevalent in nearly all of our institutions regardless of the level.

Climate change is steering us full in the eyes, yet some of our most powerful leaders prefer to declare blindness

The time has come to stem the tide of self-destruction and extinction

I raised the question of a maximum wage a few years ago, recently I asked some learned friends If the topic was ever discussed before, and they assured me that it was.

My next task was to search the Internet, and surely I found several sites where the topic was discussed, going back to September 2011 when asked -Should there be a maximum wage?

Reading the articles was an incomplete education, but never the less enlightening; demonstrating the need for a serious and urgent debate; rather than dismissing the topic as a joke.

The article in the New Internationalist summed up the issue in the first sentence in a very romantic way- “the cleavage of the hyper- rich away from the rest of society has never been more evident;-the article pointed out the need for a maximum wage to compliment the minimum wage.

The idea of a maximum pay ratio within companies and across sectors, -“to put an end to chief executives getting paid more than 250 times what cleaning staff earn”

My only knowledge of a ratio system is the Mondragon Corporation which grew out of the Basque country in Spain and is now a global corporation, the ratio between the highest paid and the lowest paid worker was 20 to 1; Which seem fair to me,

One statement –a maximum wage would limit the influence of the rich, enabling a stronger civil society and democracy.

Jeremy Corbin UK’s labor leader and I was surprise to learn that Franklyn Roosevelt way back even before I was born proposed maximum wage as a fixed amount imposing 100% tax on all individual income above 365000 dollars in today’ s dollars.

In 1880 Felix Adler the philosopher proposed a 100% tax rate on income above a certain point.

There are some countries with a high tax rate; mostly countries with great social programs for their poorer citizens; countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, and Japan.

One of the main arguments of the proponents of a maximum wage was the devising a system of taxation, where the rich would have a vested interest in improving the well-being of the poor- setting the maximum wage as a multiple of the minimum wage.

Follow the debate on the following website for a more in-depth look at the need for a Maximum wage.


Be proactive; engage your political leaders and employers in this debate, numbers matter

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  1. Never in my life have a heard of maximum wage. You can imagine the delight on my face when I actually realised some people are thinking towards this. I come from a community in Africa where the difference between minimum wage and what the elite earn is unimaginable. I always wondered why it wasn’t possible to cap the earnings of top officials. This way more jobs can be provided for more people but then again mankind is always unkind mankind. Nice article. I’ll be keeping a tab on your blog to follow your philosophies. 


    1. Maybe you have some ideas for Africa, let’s hear them, maybe subject of the mines, minerals  and oil is worth is worth a word; by the way who owns the cobalt mines in the Congo.All the best.


  2. This is a super interesting article about incomes, I’m not sure on how all this would work in reality.  It is so true that all the small meaningless jobs are being taken over by machines, even my job as a surveyor is changing with the introduction of automation.  What will all the uneducated and unfortunate population do in the future?

    We don’t all have access to good education and funding, so some people need the base level jobs just to survive.  It is evolution and our world is changing fast, you have to change with it or you will get caught.  The western world is changing the most, for if you go to a lot of poorer countries they are still doing the same tasks we were all doing 100 years ago.

    Putting a cap on earnings is probably not going to work, for these people most likely worked really hard to get there and saw the opportunity.  Also, they help the poor most wealthy do, if there were no wealthy companies, there would probably be no support for poorer countries, no aid, no funding for projects etc.

    We have to be careful for what we wish for, for everything has a consequence or a flip side.  But you are right what is going to happen in the future to people when there are no simple jobs to perform?


    1. Very interesting and provocative points of views; the educated are suffering also; A
      rigorous debate is necessary; the wealth can be shared long before taxes, there is an excuse of incentives, what about a World citizen or an world honor title? worth a debate.don’t let it die. Best wishes, 


  3. I must say that a maximum wage law has my attention. I have never heard this before, but think there should be some way to limit these incredible salaries of today. The problem is, the pressure from the top 1% wealth in the world. They continue to push for more and more benefits for themselves at the expense of the poor. I agree with a limiting tax, but the outcry would be extreme.

    Tax rebates should go to the middle class and poor, not to the rich. It would be the best stimulus to the economy because it would be spent and go right back into the economy. The rich horde the money they get. If they had to pay a 100% tax, maybe they would finally be paying back some of the massive benefits they have been granted for years. 

    Thank you for this stimulating article, I look forward to more in the future.



    1. Thanks for your contribution Chas, take a look at my response on Igor’s post and give some feedback.Lets start the ball rolling before the stage of taxes. All the best.


  4. Hello Courtney, 

    I also think it would be very useful for companies to establish a maximum salary on their staff. 

    The world is changing, inequalities continue to exist, we have millions of poor people. 

    Money produces greed and corruption in almost all our institutions. 

    Climate change is making real disasters in different regions, there are some people who do not see this. 

    We will be able to give the attention that it requires that these problems can be improved and then definitively resolved. 

    I’m sure it can be done we need to change before it’s too late. 

    Thank you for sharing such a special article. 

    Regards! Claudio


    1. The more people who engage in the discussion the closer we will come to a solution;Keep singing that song-“lets change before its too late”- Thanks for.your comments.

      Best wishes


  5. Since mankind exists the maximum wage law for all is utopia! The political and economic systems with the leaders and their governments and governances, various regulations, the liberal capitalism, and many other factors influence the economic surroundings and ways of earnings. This is a big political, economic, philosophical, practical topic! The very complex one! With many different parties involved!The governments around the world should make possible for their citizens to leave worthy life by creating worthy frames for their citizens. Surprisingly, the online business world offers more solutions also for the “ordinary” people to make really good money and to leave free lifestyle, although the big and strong companies are an advantage because of their great financial, online and offline marketing potential!The whole topic of the maximum wage for all is a very complex one. It is the human right to leave free and earn enough to make a good living. All this sounds nice, but daily life and praxis are showing for centuries different scenarios.If the reach people around the world would help others in need (many of them are actually doing it), your noble and human thoughts will be satisfied at least in a certain percentage.I would say that perhaps more important for now would be to set “the minimum wage for all” that would allow people around the world to leave worthy life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and messages!Igor


    1. Thanks for visiting, the minimum wage can hurt small businesses, I was chairman of a minimum wage committee 15 years ago, There have been several committees since then and a law is still pending, Why not try starting from the top, If we were to tackle the problem correctly, there will be little need for mandatory handouts, we already know that the word socialism has been corrupted, and I agree able bodied people should perform some task for financial aid as their contribution to a fair system.Take up the fight.


  6. The idea of a maximum wage actually makes sense if we are propagating the idea of equality for all. Just last week, I read an article that said the 8 richest people in the world control as much resources as the poorer half. Greed fueled by capitalism will only make thing worse for our planet and humans in general. In order to curb this tide, a system should be effected where the rich pay taxes commensurate with their earning. In addition, strict labor laws should be implemented such that employers do not cut down on the number of staff they employ when such moves are not warranted.


    1. The problem needs to be addressed Globally,but the problem can be tackled differently, why wait for the accumulation of profits, there are many people down the chain who contribute to that wealth, why not starr sharing earlier, higher wages, lower cost of goods or services etc. and the benefits will multiply. Thanks for visiting and your comments.

      Best wishes.


  7. Hi Courtney,

    I have read the whole article about maximum wage law for all. I understood this topic is global issue and need a strong support to get maximum opinion. I have same opinion and agreed with you that automation of everything will cause losing of many people employment. But I believe if government and non government sector will not work together to solve the unemployment problem issue and don’t think about losing job issue, It will be tough to establish any law for maximum wage. I hope we all together can rise the voice for our rights.


    1. Thank you for visiting, I love your last sentence; the topic needs serious debate, I heard a saying recently-if the rich don’t share their wealth with the poor, the poor will share their poverty with the rich.  We think we are advancing, but we are on a sliding slope; look at all the violence around us, people have had enough, almost every country have the same cries,and no one is listening, now it looks like they are looking for a place in space to migrate to, rather than fix the problems on earth.Have a great day.


  8. Hello Courtney,

    That is a very noble and great idea. I have heard of it before but never really took it seriously. But now I understand the importance that it can have in deterring corruption and other greedy things that executives are able to get away with at the top of their companies. I know the minimum wage levels have an effect on small business as well in restricting their ability to grow and gain profit.

    While I like the idea of a maximum wage, a 100% tax seems a bit too extreme. Especially here in the states where there are so many republicans. My state of texas is primarily republican so I have to take that into consideration as well. I think a person should always strive to get better at their job and have at least some incentive or reward once they get there. Otherwise, why put in the extra amount of effort if it does not pay off? I think that is the main driver of why our capitalist society prevails in a democracy. 

    The United States can be very contradictory in that regard, but they prepared for that in providing checks and balances for each side to voice their opinion. I think our forefathers did a great job in thinking these things out for the future of our country compared to other countries. I will check out some of the sources that you have listed here and will look to learn more about this subject in the near future. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. 


    1. Thanks for visiting and your contribution to the topic. I cannot see a maximum wage hurting small business, A minimum wage is more likely to hurt them. Money has become a serious disease and Greed and Corruption are two critical symptoms.Please follow up and spread the word.


  9. I get a bit tired of hearing about the great wellfare systems of Nordic countries, people else where thinking the tax system saves us from all suffering.I pay 36% tax, don’t really need a health insurance, BUT a social support is hardly to live off, if you live in a city.And the gap between poor and rich is growing fast. Already thousands of families with children here, are living under the limit of powerty, fromWHO.
    Anyway we must first of all encourage a more productive society if we introduce max wages.Use the excess in our fields to educate and encourage everyone from early youth and up, to get education, take part in politics, get skills, reach a realistic and maybe beneficial potential, instead of milking the system, like many young people start grown up life doing now.To focus on that just one! generation, would pay back so much. And change the way of thinking?


    1. I am with you Cuzz, I do not like a welfare system, I would much prefer to see able bodied people given an opportunity to earn a living wage even if it is community service, Until we devise a better way to share wealth, Taxes and welfare will always be an issue.There are to few people earning far too much. Set a maximum and let the benefits trickle down.


  10. I have perused the entire article about greatest wage law for all. I comprehended this theme is worldwide issue and need a solid help to get greatest assessment. I have same supposition and concurred with you that mechanization of everything will cause losing of numerous individuals business. Yet, I accept if government and non government part won’t cooperate to take care of the joblessness issue and don’t consider losing employment issue, It will be hard to set up any law for maximum wage. But my question is that would maximum wage support the growth of an economy 


    1. Great question; that is why I suggester some kind of prestigious Award for those in question,  that topic is open for idea.Thanks for visiting and giving the topic some serious thought; please don’t let it die. Best wishes.


  11. This is such a mind opening topic and way to look at wages – specifically the idea of a “maximum wage”. As the world continues to evolve with technology and innovation – this seems to be the only natural way things could go. The idea of the standard job will become a thing of the past as people will be able to create their own incomes and no longer have a limit on the amount of money that they can make. 


    1. Thanks for visiting, the only joy I can foresee is the massive developments in the arts as a way to stay sane and survive, but one has to live, are we going to give every unemployed person a living wage or are we going to make it possible to share the world’s wealth, that could ease the possibilities of unrest and violence  in the world. Please continue the debate among your friends and associates.


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