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Love Conquers All

My dream is to create a platform for new parents, and those brave enough the be planning a family in the near future. I read an article today that put a damper on the hopes of a brighter future and a better world.

The world could be a better place if LOVE was our motto, but there is so much worrisome behavior going on at all levels, that makes hope seem very dim.

To be on the side of hope and promise, lets make a start with the very young and hope they become the leaders of tomorrow.

For New Parents

From the time your children are able the talk, walk, and Think, You should begin the lay the foundation for a healthy, wealthy, wise and long life; There are two morals that has governed me through this life so far; I am convinced that anyone who adopt these two morals, are well on the way the achieving the goals of this initiative.

Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself

Do unto Others as You Would Have Done Unto You.

It would be difficult to breed hatred, if those two lines are always in your heart; Those two lines should be in the minds, hearts, and on the lips of all children; It sounds too perfect and unrealistic, but the more you repeat it and think it, the more you will be able the practice it.

From the time your children are able the talk, walk, and Think, You should begin the lay the foundation for a healthy, wealthy, wise and long life; Those two lines has governed me through this life so far; I am convinced that anyone who adopt these two morals are well on the way the achieving the goals of this initiative.

Practice What You Preach

As parents, you have to be proactive, create some scenarios where you can put those beliefs into practice, create little games where the child has to make decisions as to how to behave under certain circumstances. –Tommy stole your candies, what are you going the do about it? Karen’s clothes are dirty and torn; do you still want to be her friend? How should you treat her?

Introduce your children to children of other cultures; especially if there are any in your neighborhood; if they are not, show them positive pictures, and read them favorable stories about their lives and culture..

The Foods You Eat

Don’t just feed your children, and not educate them about the food they eat, document and relate informed stories about everything you feed the children, tell them a little of the history and the benefits the their health, Start that family EBook on the foods you eat , and how they affects the body. I am taking it for granted that you have already adopted a plant-based diet

The Plants Around You

Go for walks around your neighborhood and try to identify every plant you see, whether it is an ornamental tree, a fruit tree, a vine or bush, if you do not know the name, ask the elders in the village, ask the agriculturalists, anybody, until you get an answer; search the internet or visit the library. Investigate until you find the answer.

Create a booklet with all the answers and a sample or image of a leaf or fruit, be inquisitive, It is all part of the learning process, and building of knowledge and wisdom.

Sports and Exercise

Introduce your children to the different sports, watch them live, or a TV broadcast, make a mental note of the games that stimulates some excitement or incur the most questions or enthusiasm. Try to play the game with the children, of find a friend or acquaintance that plays the game and arrange some practice sessions. Try to identify where the talent lies and build on it, it could be athletics, netball, cricket, football, whatever; leave no stone unturned.

It is probable that I could have been a track star, but the opportunity was missed, I raced my dog on the beach as a kid, but never thought of athletics, until one day during a PE class at college, the instructor got excited when I won the hundred -yards dash; he thought I was an athlete, because the guy that came second to me was the best runner in the college. I did become part of the athletics team, but the cold winters and lack of appreciation or excitement led to the termination of an opportunity. It was possible that genetics played a role. Several family members did well in athletics including a gold medalist in the Olympics, as part of the British track and field team.

Good Manners and respectful behavior

Good parenting involves the teaching of good manners, and respect for everyone, not just elders. The teaching of the ten commandments should not be a thing of the past, even if you are not religious, be spiritual in nature; “Please, Thank you, your welcome, make eye contact when speaking the others, shake hands, I am sorry; excuse me” open the door for others, are all part of good manners. welcome visitors or children or adults you are meeting for the first time.

Teach them to serve visitors, offer a glass of water, lemonade or fruit juice, take their coats or umbrellas if it was raining. Stand up when elders enter the room. Show respect at all times, on the bus, in the park, in restaurants, movie theaters, or in shops.

In today’s world polite phone protocol is very important, you just have to watch a group of children and their phones; conversations are short and limited, they use the phones at the dinner or lunch table, they carry them into the classrooms and even into church, or at meetings. Give 100% attention when in company.

Establish a set of rules as to when you turn off cell phones; particularly at the dinner table or when people are visiting. Encourage friends the leave voice messages when you do not answer immediately. It is a sign that you have company.

Do you have a manual for educating your children at home?

Brain Exercise 102

carved hearts

Spot The Creative Mind

How Smart Are YOU?

The proliferation of smart -phones that answers at the press of a button is robbing us of creativity and as a consequence the world is lacking in conversation and visionary leadership.

Some visitors to the website are commenting that the exercises are too difficult. I was forced to test myself, someone requested a clue,when I went back to the exercise I could not find the key or remember the sentence for that matter.

For a while it looked as though I would be beaten at my own game; It took me about 40 minutes to find the sentence. The letters were posted in the most difficult format that I have formulated for these exercises, The experience took me back to the story that inspired these brain exercises.

I devised a strategy to help find the sentence, the letters were separated in four groups in order to more easily form as many words as possible, but that did not help, because the letters were arranged in a manner that made it difficult; the letters were rearranged to make is easier to form letters.O

I have to admit that the exercise was difficult, but not too difficult for creative minds, If you are having difficulty, I would suggest you follow my strategy.

Read This Sentence if you think You Are Smart

Clue 8 + 5 + 3 + 8 = 24

The random letters represent a sentence that also carries a message for students.


Copyright 2018 Courtney Devonish

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  1. What a great article to come across today – I have a 13 year old and 4 year old boy, and I am continually worried about the way the world is turning, and how things will have changed by the time they get to my age! 

    I enjoyed the whole article until I got to the last section…when I realised I’m not that smart LOL. 

    I may have read it wrong – but I couldn’t figure it out ( any help? )


    1. Thanks for visiting, you have every reason to be concerned for the children; Just do your best, You are smarter than you think; give it another try.

      All the best



  2. Courtney, Hello! Listen and know with confidence: You are a famous person, people understand and love you. 

    You  have created yourself on those eternal commandments. About which you write at the beginning of the article. And your third line: Practice what you preach –sounds like a commandment.

    Lets not grumble at the youth from the standpoint of our age. They enter the world of fantastic technology and learn to control the future. 

    I will write to you when I solve your 102 task. I will do it just like a child of the last century: I will cut into cards for each letter. Now I am busy talking to you. I enjoy it. 

    Maybe you will remember me from recent comments on your gallery, it’s known in the world. 

    I wish your spouse and you a creative success. Mark 


    1. Thanks Mark for visiting again, please let me know when you have completed the exercise. I underestimate the search engines; a few days ago I Googled my name and saw articles that I did not know even existed. Thanks for the success wishes, we need it, hotels are now reopening after a 12 to 15 months layoff, but the results are yet to be seen.

      Best wishes



  3. I’m so glad you’ve taken the initiative to bring this great idea to our attention.  I think that educating our children for the reasons we eat food will stand them in good stead for the future and they will benefit medicinally from it too!

    Too often I’ve seen how people quickly revert to taking medication rather than finding a natural food remedy to help them become strong again.  I fully endorse what you are trying to achieve in helping children understand the nutritious and healthy reasons for eating food.

    Just the other day I mentioned to someone that children today are not as active as they were in my young days.  What happened to all the outdoors games we used to play like Running Red Rover, K-I-N-G Spells King and Hide And Seek?  These keep children entertained and at the same time provide a form of exercise and hand-eye co-ordination too.

    Ah!  Manners and respect. This brings back memories of when I used to ride the bus to school and later to work, I would almost always give up my seat to an elderly or frail gentleman or lady.  It did me proud and it made me a better person.

    Thank you for keeping our brains active and providing exercises to improve our thinking and calculating skills!


    PS  Just as a heads-up – you can delete this section from the comment.  It seems that the word ‘to’ in your post was changed to ‘the’ and makes for difficult reading at times… perhaps you want to do a quick read through to see what I mean.  This does not form part of the comment.


    1. Thanks for the comments and encouragement; cell phones can be a useful tool  but it sure comes with a lot of baggage if we do not exercise discipline. 

      Thanks for the correction, I thought I had corrected it but the spelling and grammar check was always trying to make the wrong correction


  4. These are very troubling times indeed. We seem to be teaching our young that we must either be in agreement or be at war with each other. Apparently we cannot simply agree to disagree anymore. It is very sad. Every person on this planet is unique. No one alive today, no one that has ever lived or will live in the future will be exactly as you are at this moment because no one will ever share the same exact experiences and circumstances that led you to this moment in time. We should celebrate the fact that we are all different with different ideas, talents, experiences, thoughts, etc. But most importantly we should love/respect ourselves as we are and for who we are. Only then does it make sense to love/respect your neighbor as yourself. 

    It is admirable that you challenge our minds. That type of stimulation is much needed these days. Thank you. 


    1.  Thank you for the encouraging words, Love,Tolerance,and Respect ,No one expect you to like everybody, it does not mean you should show dislike, move on and let be. We have to do better than what we are doing right now.

      Best Wishes.


  5. I went to this interesting and positive website and found the photo inspiring. Yes, our children need and want to be loved. For this they were created by Love, Our Creator.

    I tried this link and it could not be reached: http://chttp//devonishart.com/fine-craft-gallery-10-one-heart.

    I think you would want to know about it. It looked inviting to try a mahogany heart on Buzz Brain Exercises page.

    I just noticed this may be the error preventing the link: chttp// The c does not belong in an http://

    I just tried this as a correct address and it brought me to a Google search page. I chose the first one, and I think it may be the link you are wanting to display in your article: https://devonishart.com/fine-craft-gallery-10-one-heart/ Hope this is helpful.


    1. Thank you, will check it again, I thought I had corrected it.I am creating these series of blogs, based on my observations and life experiences and training as a primary school teacher, even though it was 50 years ago. All the best for the Xmas holidays.


  6. Your article outlines some outstanding ideas for raising respectful, responsible, and engaged children.  You must engage with your children at every turn, allowing them small choices in the beginning (do you want to wear the blue shirt or the red shirt) so that they can learn to make larger choices in the future.

    Regarding electronics and smart phones, I find that it is best to limit the exposure to specified times during the day, and never at night.  

    There is a lot to chew on in your article.  Thanks.


    1. Unfortunately parents are becoming far removed from their children.  Today”s children challenge their parents without fear of consequences, we have become victims of so-called human rights without a sense of balance. I can still remember the time when my young daughter looked me in the eye and said- No- about curfew time. It brought tears to my eyes, because I had no answer. Thankfully she is now grown up,very loving, responsible ,and a shining example for others to follow., we still laugh about that incident.

      Let’s keep chewing.

      Best wishes


  7. That an very interesting report, I especially like the morals “Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself”
    ‘Do unto Others as You Would Have Done Unto You.” That’s profound, because if we all would follow those rules the world would be a better place. Teach the kids about the world food they eat, being polite great stuff. This article is a good basic for raising kids and helping people get along. Good Stuff!


    1. Yes the world would be a much better place if we followed those two commandments, which have governed my life for most of the time, I might have had a few lapses, but they are a challenge,because of what the world holds, I watched a news clip on the Mineral Rich Congo and some of the worst poverty and suffering in the world; Lost for words.

      Merry Xmas.


  8. Thanks for sharing your website, Courtney. It’s great to educate our kids today. I think they need discipline also. Today kids act as fool sometimes in public. When I was a kid, I was supposed to be seen not heard. These days kids are seen and heard. They supposed to listen to the adult who already went through what they going through right now. Teach them well and let them lead the way like Whitney Houston said.


    1. Unfortunately we did not have the multiple distractions of today; someone refer to it as -the microwave age- a great description. We have to adjust and think anew.

      Enjoy the Xmas holiday.


  9. Our future starts at a young age.
    We all learned to walk and talk first up.
    Children learn from their parents by watching how when where and why they do everything.
    As parents, we do not realize that we are being copied when we are busy doing things.
    When our children were young I would say “holy mackerel” instead of swearing in front of them.
    On the beach one day my wife asked what kind of Mackerel was just caught? I said that I did not know.
    Our little daughter turned and said,
    “I know, it was a Holy Mackerel.”
    She will be 47 years of age after Christmas and loves fishing.
    We start learning at birth and must keep learning until the end as learning is the brain’s food of life just as much as exercise is the bodies food of life.
    Thanks for your time, Tom.


    1. Thank you Tom; So much has changed, we have to help our children prepare for a better life; we too must learn before we can teach. Lets accept the challenge.
      Seasons Greetings


  10. Thanks Courtney, for this post it is very helpful in times like these when children are being raised in the microwave age. Bringing up a child or children is not a quick fix. I agree with you, over their growing years children should be taught to love and respect people. They should also be taught how to take care of themselves by feeding the right way. 


    1. Thanks for your comments; I love -the microwave age- what a great description. I have dedicated this series of blogs to my daughter who has just started her first job, hoping she can learn from my experiences , both successes and failures. I see the dilemma of the youth today,and it scares me.


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