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I sincerely hope these writings will help new parents to provide their children with the best upbringing possible and a healthy, happy, wise and long life experience.

My assumption is that you have already introduced your children to a plant based diet or as close to it as possible. My research over the past five years have convinced me that exercise and diet are the best and most affordable medicine for longevity, barring genetic issues and accidents.

Computer Education

Moz has listed computer education as one the RS of today, and I wholehearted endorse the suggestion, with the additions of H,ealth Education and Financial Education.

Small children even under the ages of five are very competent with electronic devices; these devices can have both negative and positive impacts on the lives of your children.

Exercise some parental control from very early and the experience can be very beneficial in the overall lives of the children.

Internet Research

One the most fruitful ways to introduce Internet Research is on the topic of health; start a family EBook with all the foods you eat, document their health benefits and avoid the foods that can negatively impact your health.

One useful way to conduct research is to learn human biology by learning the functions of the five organs- The brain, the heart, the liver, the kidneys and the lungs, conduct the research as if you were preparing a manual for your body.

This process not only helps you to retain knowledge more easily and meaningfully; but will make passing Biology exams easier and you will be equipped with enough information to care for your body.

The other aspect to biology education is the part of learning about the plant foods that boost liver and kidney health; you would have gained additional education in plant biology, nutrition and plant medicine.

Foreign Languages

We are living in a multicultural world today, we can hear people speaking different languages all around us almost every day. I am not sure of the education system today, we know that changes are slow in education.

During my school days we were not allowed to learn foreign languages until secondary school, not so inmost Scandinavian countries. I recall being on an exchange student visit to Denmark in 1963, and was shocked when was able to deliver a talk in ENGLISH TO A CLASS of nine and ten year olds, and engage in question and answer session with the students.

More recently I happen to be on the beach one day to over hear a seven year old boy converse with his father in English and his mother in French at the same time; It was amazing that the young mind was able to process the two languages at the same time.

The moral of the two stories is to immerse your young children in foreign languages from early childhood, the young brain is capable of managing the exercise and learning will be faster.

We should also take full advantage of the foreign language-speaking children around us, by allowing them to mingle and learn from each other; it could have the added advantage of appreciating, respecting and tolerating the different cultures.

Respecting the Environment

Teach your children from very early to respect the environment, teach by example, do not litter, use waste paper bins wherever and when ever possible; always keep your surroundings clean and neat.

Be gentle and kind to birds and animals; an exercise that can shape your inner nature from very early and will serve you for the rest of your life; and in your relationships with other human beings, children and adults.

Critical Thinking-The objective analysis and evaluation of an issue, to form a judgment.

 The world is driven by information and technology; to achieve success we must be able to think critically, analyze, interpret, evaluate, explain, decision making, and be a problem solver.

Any new parent today, if they wish to be instrumental in the successful development of their children, must educate himself or herself about critical thinking; do not rely solely on the education system to do the job, it is far too important an issue to ignore.

Get on the Internet and educate yourself and then teach the children; you may be able to sleep comfortably, as you watch the children grow into adults.

Quote from the critical thinking foundation-

“Critical thinking is the mode of thinking-about any subject, content, or problem-in which the thinker improves the quality of his or her thinking by skillfully analyzing, assessing and reconstructing it. Critical thinking is self-directed, self- disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective thinking”

 Critical Thnking Skills

Information Seeking

Applying standards

Logical Reasoning


Transforming knowledge


Start this process from as early as possible, sak your children questions and encourage them to do the same, give them reasons for certain decisions, and encourage them to give reasons for certain acts.

There is plenty of information and brain exercises

about critical thinking on the Internet; research, explore and engage

Creativity Test/Brain Exercise -106

Do You Exercise Daily?

What is your knowledge of the nutritional value of plants and herbs?

I was thrilled to learn via BBC about the collaborative effort of academic researchers from Uganda and Norway to help develop critical thinking skills in schools.

It is especially important in this digital age and fake news. The education system has not changed much in almost 100 years; With the development of the Internet we n longer need to look to books for information to regurgitate.

This can be an exciting time for learning through research, discovery and creativity; I am happy things are beginning to change in different parts of the world including California USA where there is a move to introduce a fourth R- Research.

This exercise is a test of your creativity; The format for the exercise was inspired by an experience as a primary school teacher in England during the sixties.

Can You Read Me

The letters posted represents a sentence; there are no spaces between the letters and the words are misspelt.

1. Find out how many words’ are in the sentence.

2. Find the sentence and send me a little feedback to show your appreciation for the sentence.


8 + 3 + 5 + 3 +5 = 24


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