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Building A Better World For Our Children.

Support and Protect Your Children’s Future

There are many young people today who are afraid to give birth to children; they cannot foresee a bright future for the children of tomorrow.

Many are still bringing children into this world, those of you that do, must become pro-active and help build a better world for your children; We know how to do it, but do we have the will power and drive to prepare the path to a healthy, wealthy, wise and long life for the next gereration..

When we look around the world and watch the reports of millions of children suffering, starving, and dying around the world, it is as if we are blind, deaf and disabled.

It is even more unbelievable when we see a few people with so much money; they will not live long enough to spend it, and their lives would be so much happyier and meaningful, If only they will open an eye, just a wink to see the poverty anf suffering around them.

Poverty, greed, racism, money, and the inequality  breeds hatred, wars, death, and much suffering to the innocent in the world today.

 If we are such an advanced, civilized world;  can land men on the moon,  build a rocket to land on Mars; how come we have not figured out a way to spread “Peace and Love” in the world. The colonists and the missionaries couldn’t do it

We are self-destructing by the way we care for our planet, but self interest takes president..

 Can the Youth of today create a platform to save the world from collapse,to bring peace, harmony and love to this world? Only them can do it, if it is to get done; History, Capitalism and Addiction to money is too ingrained in us older folks.

Where Do We Start?

Let us start at childbirth; If you are brave to give birth to a child, we must give that child a strong foundation, even before it can walk and talk.

Cleanse your mind, body and soul, adopt a plant based diet, so you can help to develop a healthy foundation for your child; free of unnecessary impurities.

Show that child all the love you can muster, make him or her smile and giggle as often as possible, go for nature walks, teach him or her to appreciate the flowers, the trees, the butterflies, the birds and the bees, the ground lizards, the crickets, all that nature has provided in your immediate environment.

Make sure that everything you feed your child before he or she is able to talk and walk is thoroughly researched, and recommended by the leading nutritionists of our time.

As soon as your children are able to chew, introduce them to the plant based diet that you should have already adopted.

Introduce tem to every fruit tree available in your neighborhood, feed them the fruits  and vegetables that  are in season an davailable; watch out for allergies.

Research your family history, be aware of any genetic disorders; If there are any, seek the proper professional help as to how you can best control or remedy the situation, in fact it may be wiser to research that information before you decide to have the baby.

Do not expose your child to any health risks, smoking, drinking alcohol, eating unpasteurized cheese or any other harmful substance. Obesity can affect the health and wellbeing of your child. Pregnant mothers should take regular 20 to 30 minute walks. To be on the sake side, drink coffee in moderation, there is an ongoing debate on the effects of high intake of caffeine, If you are a coffee drinker, perhaps limit yourself to one cup a day, keep upto date with the debate.

Even if you are not a smoker, you should avoid second hand smoke, which may lead to health problems for the child as suggested by researchers.

Beware of taking antidepressants during pregnancy, some research has shown this can negatively affect the developing fetus. Find alternative ways to treat depression if necessary.

Get your levels of vitamin D checked, research at the university of Calgary has linked low levels of vitamin D to some health risks.

Be aware of Listeria, wash all fruits and vegetables, as an advocate of a plant based diet, I  suggest you avoid all processed meats and smoked salmon, which can be contaminated before it is packed. If you must consume  process meats and smoke salmon, heat them to at least 150 degrees in a microwave, as was suggested by Dr. Melissa Goist, an OB-GYN at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

Breathing outdoor air pollution can negatively impact your unborn child. Avoid all dusty surroundings, whetherr from industrial workshops, unpaved roads,whereever; avoid rush hour traffic and idling vehicles.

Research has found that consuming more fruits and vegetables during pregnancy may help combat the effects of air pollution.  

Eating healthy is always wise, but more so when you have the nine-month responsibility for an unborn child; The food you eat can affect your child for the rest of his or her life.

Here is noe book to start with for every expecting mother, or any women who is planning to have a child.-What to Eat when you are Pregnant- by Nicole Avena-

All expecting mothers should at least read one good book about pregnancy; The Bump. Com/a/pregnancy-books  has listed 35 books on the subject,-Google it and take your pick.

If that list is too exhausting; Baby List has narrowed it down to -The Best Pregnancy Books. There are lots more , give yourself the time to prepare your child for a healthy, wealthy, wise and long life.

Parenting; It Takes Two

Parenting is not only the responsibility of the Mother, There has to be a father, If the man has not vowed to take responsibility for his child, nor shown signs of commitment, leave him be, let him play tiddlywinks with himself.

Plan your Family

Make sure you both read a book together, Google-Things every parent should know before having a baby and enjoy the excitement of reading together

Things You Should Know Before Starting a Family

Put together some key words about parenting, research and read together; this is your first sign of a commitment; when you have past this first step, then you can move on.

Happy Parenting; Which book did you choose?

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  1. Very interesting read. We definitely can turn things around.


    1. I love the word we, I hope that is a commitment to help me start a youth movement for health,wealth, wisdom and longevity.


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