THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL- Bible. Lot’s of tears, few smiles and one big laugh awaits us in 2017. There were calls for building a […]

There is a new push to introduce critical thinking into schools, but there is nothing new about Critical Thinking, the fact is we are very very slow learners; Critical thinking […]

According to ICAT critical thinkers know what they don’t know and know how to learn what they don’t know. The rapid changes in technology, the 4th industrial revolution and the […]

sandy ground beach

] This was the slogan of the Anguilla Tourist Board for Years; I don’t know why it was changed; If its not broken don’t fix it. My concern was that […]

AXA Gov fkag

It’s amazing how many people visit St Martin/ St Maarten and still ask that question- Ayah Lawd! We have tried to keep it a secret for far too long; now […]

The Need For A Global Discussion

Technological Change and Its Labor Impact in Four Industries Contract construction/Railroad transportation/Air transportation/Petroleum pipeline transportation U.S. Department of Labor Ann Mclaughlin, Secretary Bureau of Labor Statistics Janet L. Norwood, Commissioner […]