Teaching Foreign Languages In Schools

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teaching foreign langurs in schools
Anguilla offshore key.

One day i was sitting on the beach and overheard a three ear old boy conduct a  simultaneous  conversation in French to his mother and in English to his father.

That was no easy feat for the young brain to process.

When do we begin the teaching of foreign languages in schools?

In 1968, on an exchange student visit to Denmark, I was invited to give a talk about Barbados to a class of nine year olds. I was surprised, as I did not speak any Danish.

“Oh, it’s ok, they speak English.” Said the teacher.

The reverse could not be done in England, speaking French, their number one foreign language

During my school days, foreign languages were only taught in high school;

A few days ago a young American university student informed me that was still the practice when she was in school.

It is my opinion that the best time to introduce foreign languages is in the early childhood days. The young brain is more capable of handing the challenge of learning a foreign language.

Why are most administrators so slow to understand the dynamics of education?

It is time that our teachers are recruited from the top one percent of the academic and creative population. Of course, they will have to be better paid; Take a look at Norway.

Manu populations today are multicultural and multilingual.

This should be an exciting time to teach foreign languages.

When do schools begin to teach foreign languages in your neck of the woods?

Are there any creative or original programs you would like to share?

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