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Creating my brain exercises has been an eye-opener for me. my first discovery was when I asked a maths’ teacher to share some of my numbers brain exercises with his students. He was not surprised that many of them became frustrated because they did not want to think; they were expecting answers at the press of a button or could find the answer on the Internet.

The format of some of my early word exercises was changed because I found out that there was a website that you can find the answers if the letters were 15 or less.

Since my offering of a free heart to the first person to answer a sentence exercise correctly, I have been receiving emails of how difficult the exercises were; and so far I have offered two exercises and received only one correct answer for the first exercise and three for the second, plus one out of four words correct.

One of the correct answers came from the dean of a charter school in the USA whose intellect I respect; his comment was that people do not think outside of the box and gets frustrated easily. That little electronic mobile device is placing our brains on ice. Most schools are also doing poor job of solving the challenge. I almost responded to the teacher remarks by telling him it was his job to inspire the kids.

How To Think Outside The Box

Do not entertain the obvious. I have devised a system called the 360 of learning. Broaden your thinking; I was able to establish that because of some challenges I created for myself in ceramics; I wanted to create irregular shapes on the ceramic wheel in order to speed up production. To this day customers and other ceramic artists cant figure out how I create birds and fish on the potters wheel or create wheel-thrown closed shapes with a tunnel through the shape that is sealed.

First you must create a routine before thinking. Take a walk in the park, go for a swim but create that space, I remember the Icelandic writer who always goes to one house and takes a nap before writing

As a high school student, I would climb a tall tamarind tree so that no one could see me, and enjoy the loneliness of the space.

Entertain several ideas even if some may sound foolish to you, all things are possible do not limit yourself.

Thinking in the quietness of sleepalmost a form of dreaming -awake but not awake; some of my best ideas are formulated during my sleep, I go to bed with the subject matter in my head; this is a form of daydreaming but I find it more powerful at night but you have to get up and jot down your ideas.

The Internet is full of everything, If you are serious about creativity, You must learn to think outside the box.

Just Google -How to think outside the box- and browse.

Here is an altered exercise I found on that will help you think outside the box.

I use numbers instead of dots.

The puzzle was taken from a 1914 book Sam Lloyd called the Cyclopedia of puzzles.

Link all nine numbers using four straight lines or fewer, without lifting the pen or pencil without tracing the same line more than join all the numbers

1       2                3

4        5                 6

7         8                9

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  1. l really love exercises like these. However, I love them a little too much I stay focused on them until I figure them out.
    It is a shame about the teachers not pushing their student to try to figure some of these out and ultimately help students to think outside the box.
    Your unique ceramics sounds amazing I would love to see them.
    Kudos on encouraging us to think outside the box to achieve multiple things.
    Thank you


    1. Thanks for visiting; Many teachers are frustrated today, discipline has gotten out of hand and some teachers look for another and some just exist. That particular teacher is no longer teaching and another friend just resigned due to the lack of discipline.Unfortunately I have neglected ceramics in favor of wood carving, but solely getting back into it. Take a look at and please send me some feedback.


  2. Hi Codevonish!

    My question would be what your primary purpose is in creating your buzz brain exercises. If people are getting frustrated and very, very few are able to actually figure them out, I would think you might run the risk of losing readers/customers?

    You probably don’t want to hear this but sometimes “dumbing things down” can really work in your favor. Maybe build your readers up to the level you’re currently creating your puzzles at. Allow people to feel the success of figuring out a puzzle or two while building up to the super challenging exercise.

    I’m not suggesting to play into the fact that society has really allowed mediocrity to take center focus nor the fact that our brains may have somewhat turned into mush due to the advancement in technology. What I am suggesting is giving people the opportunity to get their brains back in shape to a level that they can truly begin to figure out your hardest puzzles.

    We wouldn’t expect anyone to go into a gym and try and lift the heaviest weights from the very beginning, even if they once had the ability to do so. If it has been a while it’s important that people build up to that level of working out. (Hopefully I’m making sense!)

    With kindest regards,



    1. Thanks Lisa you have pinpointed my dilemma, I have started to work on solving some of the questions. but i still do not wish to defeat the purpose;  to encourage and stimulate critical thinking and creating visionary leadership to help build a better world.The whole world is facing serious problems and our leaders in most cases are making life worse.Do you have any concrete strategies? I created a couple of exercises where a common sense clue gives the answers with not to much effort. and a couple of people still did not get it.Another thought on my mind is the fact that you don’t need a mass of leaders but you need a mass of followers.You sound like a potential leader.

      Best wishes.


  3. I suppose In a world where life doesn’t take place one is able to think outside the box. The issue is we all have different boxes!

    Not everyone is afforded that creative luxury due to whatever trauma they face/faced.

    While It’s important to motivate and inspire it’s just as important to understand and aide!

    I believe we have these expectations for our youth that are unreasonable in that they push away as oppose to bring in!

    It’s easy for some to think outside the box but for many the box just doesn’t exist!

    Great article I do thank you for sharing!

    Shannon kamal


    1. Visionary leaders are few and far between; I am hoping to encourage the few; but we are all faced with making decisions that affect our lives and we must be able to think and question before making decisions. Thanks for visiting;; have a great day.


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