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The future of the next generation looks very challenging, there are challenges concerning global safety, jobs, health, the environment, poverty and corruption in high places are but a few.

If ever there was a need for visionary leadership, it is now and the youth must take the lead and play an active part in making this world a better place to inhabit.

I will implore the youth of today to acquire the tools for visionary leaders, There is no excuse to blame education, The Internet is a vast ocean of learning opportunities, please make maximum use of it.

Here is a research list that will broaden your wisdom and potential for being a visionary leader of the future.

1. 12 secrets of visionary leaders Dr.Ani Kalayjian

2. The Center for Visionary

3. Visionary Leadership: The Hope Of The World By Bonnie Hagemann & Saundra

4. 50 Visionaries Who Are Changing your World by Staff Utne

5. Visionary Leadership-Corinne

6. The Top Ten Business Visionaries Creating Value For The World

7. Visionary Leadership by Seth

8. The Best Leadership Qualities-Start With The Best Insights.

9. Visionary Leaders-Lonesome George &

10. Visionary Leadership –Book by Burton Nanus

Research on the greatest visionary leaders ever lived will include men of military might; I will be very interested to hear from you on this topic; in my opinion it is debatable on your interpretation of visionary leadership.

I firmly believe that to qualify as a visionary leader there must be an element of spirituality.

How can Hitler be included in a list of visionary leaders?

This is your chance to display your ability as a future visionary leader; Research the top 15 most visionary leaders ever lived and write me a blog of no more than 200 words that I can post on this site.

I will love to hear from you.

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Please Share; the world is in trouble.

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