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Brain Exercise-Can you read me

View the story behind the origin of this brain exercise

The 35 letters listed below represent a five –word sentence

There are no spaces between the words

The letters for each word are arranged in a set pattern.

The words are in the correct order but there are no spaces between the words

Solve the clue and then follow the pattern and you will find the sentence.

This exercise calls for some very creative thinking and strong cognitive function.

Clue Number one

1 + 9 =10. 2+ 5 = 7. 3+3=6. 4 + 0 =4. 5+ 3 = 8
clue Number 2
10 + 7 + 6 + 4 + 8.

Solve the clue and the rest is up to cognitive function

Can You Read Me

Don’t be intimidated by the number of letters; the exercise is easier than it looks.


Copyright 2018 Courtney Devonish


  1. I love all the beautiful artwork. It says on here that when you aren’t doing this you’re creating art, that’s magnificence.
    I will admit, those brain exercise made my head hurt but looking at the artwork made it much better.
    So what kind of wood are your carvings made of and do you stain them or leave them the natural wood color?


    1. Thank you for visiting, I am sorry about the headache but if you get the first clue, they are really much easier, now you have me rethinking; my goal is to encourage critical thinking which should encourage us to ask more questions before making decisions. Do you think I should make them easier; too many people are finding them difficult, but that could be a reflection on our education system.

      The only finish I use on all woodwork is mineral oil. I find it the most natural and best finish after 50 years of carving. Have another attempt and send me your answer, even if it is only one word.. share it with friends and send me feedback.Have a great day.


  2. Hi and great site! There are an impressive number of brain exercises on here! Some of them, I can’t wrap my head around!

    I found your website fun and informative, really making me think deep within myself. What you have to offer is intriguing and so worth my time. I wish you continued success in all you do! Nice work!


    1. Sorry to hear of the difficulty, I am preparing a post on thinking outside of the box, I also have an explanation that will help,I will have to go back and look for it and share it with you.Thanks again for visiting. Enjoy the rest of your day.


  3. A short page but it is interesting. Too bad I didn’t get to take the time as i want to get the correct answer. But I believe that I will soon.
    This page is definitely for brain exercise as it had me thinking.It also allows for engagement of the viewer with the page.


    1. Thanks for visiting, The winner of the last heart just emailed me that exercise was easy because of the clue, she said if I removed the clue they would be difficult. I am still debating the issue; I don’t want people to get frustrated as another successful person warned. Send me your answer please.


  4. Its the first time I have come across brain teasers like these. Very interesting site. I was wondering if all your brain teasers involve numbers. I looked around they all seemed similar. Do you have a test on here with the formula on how to solve it, then maybe I can have a go at the rest, unless thats not how it works. They say as you get older it good to exercise the mind as it reduces the risk of Alzheimers.


  5. Hello, your website is very interesting, sad to say I could not solve the clue but I did try. Do you have a sample test on here with how to work out a test, then maybe I can give it a go. I think its good to keep the brain healthy and tests like these are a good way to help reduce the risk of alzheimers, My mother had slight Alzheimers and she use to do puzzles


    1. Thanks for visiting, the equation is linked to the number of letters in each word; separate the letters accordingly and your work becomes easier. I think I have sent you info on another link. The exercises on aboutdiabetesnstrokes.com are more for cognitive function, The other website is to promote critical thinking ; the exercises are more challenging. Have another try and be in touch.

      Best wishes. 


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