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spider web
Recently I asked a doctor who graduated 30 years ago if there was a course on the medical benefits of plants and herbs as part of his training; his answer was a flat NO. I asked a current medical student the same question and the answer was the same.

Our leaders in education seem to be leading us “down the garden path.


Allow me to share this story with you, I am now 72 years old, when I was about eight years old, someone threw a rock and struck me on the forehead, opening up a wound that needed stitches.

The nearest doctor’s office was about 20 minutes walk away, My grand father walked me to the doctor’s office only to find out that he was gone for the day; The nurse on duty cleaned the wound and asked us to come back the following day to have stitches applied.

My grandfather was a very intelligent man, and entrepreneur, he was a plantation overseer and owner of a small alcohol and grocery shop, and he never received a higher education.

When we got back home, he declared he was not walking back to the doctor’s office and proceeded to take some spider web from an outside shed and filled the wound with it and re-applied the bandage’ “that should do it” he remarked; I thought he was crazy.

We never went back to the doctor’s office, and the wound heeled leaving a mark that is hardly visible today.

Recently I read an article where some scientists from Akron University were preparing to make a presentation on spider web. This is some 64 years later.

Where did my grand father acquire that knowledge? I must confess I never saw him reading a book, not even the Bible, he was not a religious man, unlike my grandmother.

We know that during the days of slavery information was passed on by word of mouth.

My grandmother could not read or write; yet I learnt things from her that I am now reading about on the Internet.

How many of you knew about the medical benefits of spider web?

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