Where Are The Creative Thinkers?

Are smartphones robbing the world of creativity?

What are the negative repercussions of the Internet?

Some feedback I am receiving from my Brain Exercises, which are created for the sole purpose of stimulating creative thinking, and hopefully helping to create a group of young visionary leaders t help us build a better world for the young generation.

Some comments relay a message of too difficulty in solving the exercises; One very smart young man who teaches at a school for gifted children, remarked that not many people can think outside the box.

Many Teachers are complaining about the distraction that smartphones are having in the classroom; which is also creating a problem of discipline; under the gun of children’s rights, there are running out of ideas of how to discipline their students.

Some countries especially the Scandinavian Countries are attempting to come to grips with this modern phenomenon.

A former high school student relayed a story of cheating in the examination rooms for school certificates; there was a recent radio report of websites offering to write essays for school children.

When I first started to design my brain exercises, someone sent me an email saying how easy it was and that it took very little time, actually less time than what it took me design the exercise. I thought something was wrong, and on investigation, I discovered that there was website where the answers to my exercises could be found as long as there were no more than 15 letters posted.

Finland has recognized that the Internet and its vast school of information has made the job of teachers in its current form almost Obsolete.

Finland is attempting to update its education system and has just implemented topics instead of subjects in the classroom;in an effort to focus education more on discovery and creativity.

A recent collaboration between Finland and Uganda produced an exciting new approach to teaching and creative thinking.

What is critical Thinking?

Critical thinking is the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.

WIKIPEDIA-Critical thinking is the objective analysis of facts to form a judgment. The subject is complex, and several definitions exist, which generally include the rational.skeptical, unbiased analysis or evaluation of factual evidence.

Very little has changed in the global education system in the last 80 to 100 years; Examinations to enter higher schools of learning are almost obsolete and useless to the student except for pride and prestige.

Recently I was engaged in a lengthy discussion with a medical intern and she expressed the disappointment at how much of the course was useless and how much more she could have learned on nutrition, which she is now finding out is fundamental to good health for their patients.

The Best Educaton System.

One would have thought that Finland would have top the list when it comes to the best education system, but alas it is the Asian countries that top the list;South Korea, and Japan are in competition for the top spot followed by Singapore and Hong Kong.

These are countries where culture plays a large part in education and Mathematics and science are their focus; these countries also boast the highest percentage of students with university degrees. The pressure on students is so fierce that it is almost unhealthy, and failure sometimes lead to suicide.

The education is very much technology based, Their high economic ranking is proof that a good education is closely linked to a good financial health.

Heaven knows where these countries would have been if they were not impacted by war.

In my humble opinion I would still place Finland in the No one position when it comes to critical thinking in education.

Finland is in fifth place in the best education system.

World Rankings

1. South Korea

2. Japan


4. Hong Kong



7. Canada

8. Netherlands




12. Germany

13. Russia

14. United States

15. Australia

16. New Zealand

17. Israel

18. Belgium

19. Czech Republic

20. Switzerland.

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Please take a look at this chart and send me some feedback

Brain Exercise-107

Can you Read Me

9 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 9 + 7 = 32

The letter represents a sentence
The equation is a clue
Solve the clue and you will find the sentence from the letters.


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