Why Do Some Students Cheat?

Students Cheating In Exams

I once interviewed a high school student for a job, who said she had passes in mathematics and English; After the interview I told her she could not have had passes in those subjects.

She admitted that she cheated, a close friend passed the answers on to her; but my question is -why was she allowed to take the exam in the first place, she obviously was not up to standard.

My second question was why did the supervisor of exams not see the error and why did the school not investigate? Surely a student can’t become brilliant overnight.

Students may cheat if they lack confidence in themselves; Some of the top students do not fear well in exams; they panic and anxiety steps in; Some are just too lazy to adequately prepare for exams.

I attended high school with a grade A student who had a unique problem; he was gifted with a photographic memory; but had problems passing exams; he was offering too much irrelevant information. History was my favorite subject, and I even placed a bet with him that I will get a higher grade than he would; history was also his favorite subject. Sad to say, he lost the bet, he failed; but did pass on the second attempt.

The bet was made as an attempt to motivate him to stick to the questions.

The pressure on students to pass exams can also be a factor; especially from parents and the community.

How much should teachers take responsibility? Proper supervision and diligent observation should act as a deterrent; but unfortunately sometimes pressure is also placed on teachers to produce a high percentage of passes, which might encourage them to look the other way.

Unfortunately It is the students that suffer the most, first and foremost they are cheating themselves whether they are caught or not and worse still the stigma may last a lifetime if they get caught.

We have seen stories of exams having to be canceled, because of leakages of the exam papers.

A report I have just read top the list. Four Countries blocked access to the Internet for 2 hours while students were taking exams.

Access To Intenet Blocked

Algeria, Iraq, India and Ethiopia has blocked access to the Internet for the duration of exams in order to combat student cheating. Can you imagine the impact on a country like USA or Canada where digital communication is a vital part of economic activity; Panic and Chaos will set in.

The global system of education has remained the same for the last 80 years or more. The time has come for a new-look system; Routine assessment during the lifetime of a course and creative activity as part of exams should be examined carefully.

This will be beneficial to all those students who fall apart during exams and the value of cheating is diminished.

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  1. The idea is great but it needs to be more informative.

    The banner to me does not really reflect the topic/message/site.

    The post is informative but I did not really see enough content on the site. It could be that the site is fairly new maybe. There is information on there that I truly heard for the first time and I traveled to those countries before, very very interesting.

    The design and layout looks very nice and once you have more content I think it will be a great site.


    1. It would appear you missed the main objective of the site, ie brain exercises, over 100 of them, please have a second look and try some of th exercises, Maybe I need to make the objective more clear, will have a second look.Thanks for visiting.


  2. I really appreciate your approach to the topic, especially your use of some really nice anecdotes – the girl who cheated, your friend with the photographic memory (something I have myself, though thankfully I actually really like exams, and sometimes struggle more with longer term research assessments). I’ll try to check out some of your brain exercises when I get a chance.

    Thanks for sharing,


    1. Thanks for visiting,I am surprised you never struggledd with giving too much information; the fellow student is still an active Doctor today. Do send me some feedback when you look at the brain exercises


  3. I think a reason some students cheat is because of plain old laziness or unwillingness to learn. Skip school, cut classes, only show up for exams, and when the situation calls for it, try to copy off someone else’s work.

    Sadly, when they go out into the real world, and start facing real problems, they won’t have anyone to get easy answers from.


    1. You are right,  but sometimes its gets more complicated than that, pressure from family, friends and society can add to the choice to cheat. also some people will always be cheaters.


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